Sprakling wine 


Cava Cossetania Brut Reserva

One of the better caves from Penedes from the house Castel dor.

A reserve ripens longer in the cellars and comes from the better grapes.

Made here from 50% Xarel-Lo, 30% Macabeu and 20% Parellada.

Very suitable as an aperitif but also delicious with fish dishes and lobster. 

Glass: 6.50                                                                    Bottle: 29.50


Champagne D de Florence Brut Tradition 

This delicious Champagne is composed of 3 different grapes, namely 33% Pinot Meunier, 33% Pinot Noir and 34% Chardonnay. It matures in the cellars for 36 months and contains 10% vin de reserve.

A very soft and pleasant champagne with beautiful sparkling and a nice aftertaste

Glass: 10.50                       ½ Bottle: 29.00                     Bottle: 53.00



White wine


Laurent Douchy Chardonnay grand vin de Languedoc

Full and beautiful chardonnay with some butter and white fruit in the nose.

Very balanced taste with a fresh and long finish.

Pares with fish dishes, summer salad, or to enjoy.

Glass: 4.50           25cl: 7.30            50cl: 14.00          Bottle: 21.00


Muscadet de Sèvre & Maine Sur Lie Dom. Ménard-Gaborit

Fruity white wine from the Loire, made from the Melon de Bourgogne.

With cold starters, tomato shrimp, mussels.

½ Bottle: 15.00      Bottle: 21.50


Pouilly Fumé Les Moulins à Vent

Fruity white wine made from 100% Sauvignon grapes. Together with Sancerre

these are the best and most famous wines from the center of the Loire.

Pares very well with cold starters, smoked salmon, tomato shrimp ...

Bottle: 36.00


Sancerre “ Le Chêne Marchand “ Dom. Merlin Cherrier

A top Sancerre from the rare vineyard "Le Chene Marchand"!

The vineyard owes its name to the fact that all traders always bought the wine

from this vineyard. The soil is so valuable for wine making and there is a micro climate.

The vineyard is only 30 hectares and is divided between 30 different owners.

100% Sauvignon, fuller and more concentrated than other Sancerre wines.

This can be done with starters or warm fish dishes.

 Bottle: 33.50


Macon-Loché Vieilles Vignes Jaques Depagneux

Beautiful white Burgundy from the Maconnais. Made from 100% chardonnay.

Fruity nose, dry but full flavor, little minerals, white fruit.

Pares perfectly with warm fish dishes.

 Bottle: 29.00

Chablis Domaine des Hattes

Chablis is the northernmost wine region in Burgundy. A wine of 100% Chardonnay with

a nice butter touch, some minerals and a lot of ripe white fruit. Extremely pleasant and juicy!

goes very well with warm fish dishes, oysters, lobster, shellfish.

½ Bottle: 25.50      Bottle: 39.00


Saint-Véran Vieilles Vignes Domaine Luquet à Fuissé

Delicious ! A large Saint-Véran aged for 12 months in oak barrels and

comes from the best grapes in this domain.

Top quality from the Maconnais. Pares very well with warm fish preparations


Bottle: 36.00


Pinot Gris Reserve Particuliere Charles Wantz in Barr

Very soft and pleasant white wine from Alsace. Beautiful nose with flowers

and ripe white fruit. Excellent with fish dishes, scampi, chicken, pasta and salads

½ Bottle: 21.00      Bottle: 31.00



Vega Real 100% Verdejo Rueda Spanje

Very fruity white wine made from 100% Verdejo grapes. Pares very well with

cold starters and especially with mussels.

Glass: 4.80           25cl: 7.70            50cl: 15.20          Bottle: 22.40


New Zealand

Sugar Loaf Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough

Hand-picked sauvignon grapes from the country where Sauvignon is the real king.

Very nice fruity nose, long finish with a hint of celery and white fruit.

With fish dishes and cold starters

Bottle: 30.50



South Africa

Lace Sauvignon Blanc By Almenkerk     

Recommended !
We are proud to offer a wine from a family member in South Africa!

Fruity white wine with some floral notes on the nose, white ripe fruit,

zest, minerals and peppers. You can drink this wine just like that, with fish dishes or

even with cheese.

Glass: 4.90           25cl: 8.10            50cl: 16.00          Bottle: 24.00


Almenkerk Chardonnay                                          

Recommended !
The top wine in white from our Family in South Africa. 100% Chardonnay, fermentation in

French oak barrels and aging in the barrels for 10 months.

Beautiful fresh Citrus aromas with a lot of white fruit and a long finish with a hint of oak.

Goes with beautiful fish dishes, lobster, or to enjoy.
 Bottle: 39.50


Sweet white wine

Chateau Ladesvignes Monbazillac

This Monbazillac is even more concentrated and slightly sweeter than the Côtes de Bergerac,

made according to the noble rot process as in the sauternes.

Top wine for those who really want it sweet. Can be drunk with dessert, certain cheeses or with

foie gras.

½ Bottle: 18.00     



Rose wine


Moment de Plaisir Rosé Grand vin de Languedoc

Made from Grenache and Cincault grapes. Is a pleasant wine for every occasion.

Soft and pleasant, light in color, a wine that goes with many dishes and does it blissfully

on a summer terrace. In the style of a beautiful Provence wine

Glass: 4.50           25cl: 7.30            50cl: 14.00          Bottle: 21.00



11 Minutes Rosé Pasqua  delle Venezie IGT

The new top rosé from the Pasqua family from Verona! Made of 50% corvina,

25% trebiano di Lugana, 15% Syrah and 10% Carmenère. The grapes remain correct 11

minutes in contact with the peel to obtain a light rosé color.

When you look through the round label, you see an image of Julia from Romeo & Juliet.

Bottle: 29.00


South Africa


Lace By Almenkerk Dry rosé       

Recommended !
Our cousin's Rosé in South Africa!

The Lace by Almenkerk dry Rosé is a "single-vineyard" wine from the Cabernet Sauvignon.

You taste aromas of ripe raspberries and watermelon. You can taste the summer with this distinctive rosé from the Elgin region.

.Glass: 5.00           25cl: 8.20            50cl: 16.20          Bottle: 24.50


Red wine



Signature du Sud Merlot grand vin de Languedoc

Very pleasant and smooth red wine. Fruity nose with a lot of red fruit,

pleasant and round taste with a soft aftertaste.

Pares with meat dishes, steak, pasta.

Glass: 4.50           25cl: 7.30            50cl: 14.00          Bottle: 21.00



Château de Seguin Bordeaux Supérieur

Probably the most awarded wine in Bordeaux, winner of several awards

numerous competitions every year. Made from Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.

Ages for 12 months in oak barrels. High quality typical red Bordeaux.

Soft and full of red fruit and the typical Seguin taste.

Glass: 5.70           25cl: 9.30            50cl: 18.20          Bottle: 26.00


Chateau La Croix Bellevue Lalande Pomerol

Very fine, elegant and soft Lalande Pomerol. Made from Merlot, Cabernet Franc

and Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine is aged in 50% new oak barrels for 14 months.

Lots of red fruit, soft finish, class. Pares with red meat, game, and others

nice meat dishes.

Bottle: 36.00



Château Franc La Rose St-Emilion Grand cru

A grand cru from Saint-Emilion of the Trocard family. Very good winemakers already

Based in Saint-Emilion for 400 years, Benoit Trocard took over from his father Jean Louis and is the 14th generation. This wine is made from 75% Merlot and 25% Cabernet Franc.

It matures in oak barrels for 18 to 24 months, 70 to 80% of which are new every year.

Pares very well with red meat.

½ Bottle: 22.50      Bottle: 35.00


Vaqueryras Domaine St-Pierre

A wine from the Southern Rhone near Chateauneuf du Pape.

More interesting in price, but in many cases almost as good.

Spicy wine, with red fruit, pepper and a soft finish.


Bottle: 32.50


Chateauneuf Du Pape Maison Bouachon La Tiare du Pape

The Pope of the Rhone wines! Very nice red wine made from 13

typical Rhone grapes. Spicy and full, beautiful red color, firm and pleasant.

Very balanced with a long finish. Pares with red meat, game, lamb

and other fine meat dishes.

Bottle: 46.00



South Africa


Lace Vinyard Selection                                     

Recommended !
Back a wine from our family in South Africa; This is a red wine made from

Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Viognier. The wine matures

23 months in French oak barrels. A soft wine with a lot of red fruit and a

balanced taste with a hint of oak. Excellent with carpaccio, red meat dishes,

and pasta.

 Glass: 5.00           25cl: 8.20            50cl: 16.20          Bottle: 24.50


Almenkerk Merlot                                               

Recommended !
The top wine in red from our Family in South Africa

very balanced red wine with lots of ripe fruit. Soft, pleasant

and a very long finish

Bottle: 36.00



Palacios Remondo “La montesa” Rioja

The La Montesa vineyard is located at an altitude of 600 meters and mainly has Garnacha for planting. Tempranillo and Mazuele play the supporting role in this wine. It is also noticeable that the vineyard consists of bush vines. Over the years he has held sway, Alvaro has adapted lot by lot. The vineyard is organic and the yield per hectare is kept low. Ruby red with seductive aromas of red and black fruit, oral notes and spices. The taste is velvety, ripe in the tannins with a long finish. One of the most popular wines from Spain.

 Bottle: 35.00