Our terrace will open from Friday 14 May.

This only in good weather.

We must be completely closed at the latest at 10 PM, so drinks can only be ordered until 9:30 PM.

The kitchen closes at 8.30 pm during this period!

Reservations can be made at the earliest 2 days in advance, so that we have a clear idea of ​​what weather we can expect.


Attention: Should it start to rain, there will be NO possibility to hide inside, but we can open our umbrellas.

Patio tables and chairs will also not be allowed to be moved.

You can dine without a mouth mask, but from the moment you stand up, a mouth mask is mandatory!


All this is to be regular with the current covid measures and thus avoid fines for you and us.

We understand that this will cause some inconveniences, but the measures are forced on us by the government and are therefore beyond our control

Thank you for your understanding


Monday May 17 the terrace will not be open due to work in the kitchen.