We don't serve daily specials any more.

Instead we will be working with a weekly lunch.


How do we see this:

  • The weekly lunch is available only at noon, from thursday untill monday, except on sundays and holidays.
  • If you order the weekly lunch, you will have a choice between soup and a starter and choice between two main dishes
  • The starting price will be between 14 and 16 euro
  • Ofcourse is a soup cheaper than a starter, so we will charge a little supplement for a starter
  • Depending on the price of the main ingredient of one of the main dishes, there can also be a little supplement. This will be clearly stated in the offer.

Weekly Lunch

€ 14.00

Friday 12 june until monday 15 june - except sundays and holidays



Bruchetta with salsa of tomatoes +€ 2.00


Cold plate with charcuterie


Catfish "Provençale" +€ 3.00

Weekly Lunch